Terms of use

We would request you to kindly read the terms of service carefully and consider these as the terms of agreement between you and us. This governs the use and access to the website and the services to you and your associates.

eTest Program is an Online Examination System to streamline your preparation and performance. The terms will be liable to a customer the moment, the customer creates an account on the website. These terms are effective to timely amendments on the choice of the provider.

1. Services and Product

We agree to offer the customer an account on the online assessment platform using a private server. Considering an event of a planned change in the provider’s network or infrastructure, the provider shall make practical efforts in order to notify the customer in advance. You agree to provide accurate and updated identification information during the account registration. The customer is solely responsible for the entire content shared on their account and also agrees to promptly notify in case of an unauthorized use or breach of the account. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the failure to provide accurate information or impose account security.

The terms to provide service are between the provider and the customer. No third party recipient interference is permitted. The provider should respect the privacy of the content and take utmost care in order to safeguard any illegal usage. Service is dependent on factors that include the network, servers and other subsidiary tools. Considering a case in which the software behaves uneven and the user gets an error, our team will work to resolve the issue by earliest, understanding the critical nature of the exam related events.

2. Terms

The customer agrees to the service starting on the date of the subscription. The service is timely and when due for renewal, we will be informing the customer in advance about the renewal date. Customer will be provided a week’s time as the grace time and the customer is liable to cancel their account by requesting a termination of the subscription.

3. Usage Policy

  1. Prohibited Content and Activities - Email spam- Not allowed for using our services to transmit email spam, junk mail, return address and mailing lists. Hacking – IP scanning, denial of service, or other residuals to the security breaches or attempts interfering service of other network or servers. Intellectual property- The intellectual rights are reserved along with the copyright, trademark, or the patent rights. Fraud, violation of privacy rights, dissemination of offensive context and any kind of illegal activities.
  2. False Information - Your personal information including name, email and contact details shared should be correct. We have the authorization to block your account in case of any information mismatch.